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Timexchange offers recruitment agencies, their clients and candidates greater accuracy and reduced cost in handling timesheets. We achieve this by using the web, email and other technologies to coordinate and automate this process.

Our people

Timexchange's principals have 30 years of combined experience in developing web-based technologies and managing IT infrastructure.

Our company

Timexchange was founded in 2007 and operates from Wellington, New Zealand.

Specialists in timesheet technology

Timexchange leads the industry with its timesheet technologies. We bring years of technology experience combined with a thorough understanding of timesheet workflows. This allows us to deliver a superior service which is just what are customers are asking for.


Timexchange innovates and pushes the boundaries of traditional methods. We work with technology partners to continuously improve the collection, processing and delivery of time information.


Timesheet data is confidential business information. Timexchange uses a number of firewall, database encryption, and secure networking technologies to ensure our client's data is secure from unauthorised access.


Built with industry leading products from Hewlett Packard and Microsoft, Timexchange operates servers in multiple cities for redundancy. The hot standby server site is continually updated with live data, which helps ensure that our clients can continue to operate in times of crisis or other unforeseen events.

"Time through Technology"

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