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AbsoluteIT is a leading Information Technology recruitment agency located in Auckland, Wellington and London. Seen as a leader in the industry, AbsoluteIT is always looking for new ways to create efficiencies, improve service, or reduce cost.

Grant Burley, Co-Founding Director states "We know that paper based timesheets will be a thing of the past. We recognised that years ago and chose Timexchange as they’re a leader in this field."


AbsoluteIT engaged Timexchange as its timesheet partner and has never looked back.

"We adopted Timexchange to bring us additional efficiencies and create savings in our operational areas"

"Along with the timesheets, our clients and contractors are given the opportunity to keep us informed of their changing requirements or concerns”. The feedback features of Timexchange allows AbsoluteIT to act promptly and address changes or issues quickly - keeping both their client and contractor happy.

Automatically generated reminder messages keep AbsoluteIT's contractors on task. By simply logging on, the contractors are able to use the simple "To Do" page and submit any outstanding timesheets with ease.

AbsoluteIT used the integration features of Timexchange to bring key financial information into their accounting system and create invoices in just minutes. Invoices are 100% accurate and are only based on client approved timesheets.


Timexchange keeps agency management informed and delivers near real time access to all contractor data in seconds. The reporting features of Timexchange allow AbsoluteIT to quickly see, at a glance, how their contractors are performing whilst highlighting those timesheets that need chasing.

"By removing the burden of managing timesheets, my staff is able to make better decisions and do more with their day - we’ve enjoyed significant time savings and efficiencies."

Using tools such as Timexchange will allow AbsoluteIT to continue to grow and be successful. Our partnership approach with quality IT contract professionals and valued customers enables us to satisfy our stakeholders whilst maximising our returns.

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