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H2R Consulting is an Auckland, Wellington, and Melbourne based executive recruitment, professional contracting, outplacement and organisational development service company.

H2R Consulting

Timexchange has provided H2R Consulting an online timesheet service that enables the organisation to improve the processing of candidate timesheets in a faster, more accurate and cost effective manner.

Business Need

Each week, the organisation received a growing number of faxed and email timesheets that needed to be checked, entered into internal systems, invoiced against and stored. Furthermore, as is traditional with most recruitment agencies, some candidates had to be chased for their timesheets and in some cases, the math checked and corrected.

As H2R grew, the quantities of timesheets increased as did the associated processing and cost of management. It became obvious that a change was required.

H2R also wanted a solution that demonstrated organisational forward thinking and delivered additional benefits to its clients and candidates alike.


H2R selected Timexchange as its timesheet partner.

After a short training and testing period, H2R setup all existing assignments and switched to using Timexchange for all its timesheeting needs.


Today H2R’s timesheet processing has never been better. Timesheets are submitted and approved 100% online. H2R is now able to focus client or candidate reminders to those who need them.

H2R’s clients can view authorised timesheets, generate reports and even stay in contact with H2R with ease through Timexchange’s feedback facilities.

Candidates no longer have to chase clients to approve their timesheets, but simply enter the times worked and Timexchange does the rest.

H2R now only works with 100% accurate timesheets and candidate invoices that match the timesheets completely.

Liz Clancy, H2R Office Manager said that using Timexchange has enabled the company to achieve the highest levels of accuracy and therefore reduce associated costs with managing timesheet exceptions. Online timesheets underpinned with highly developed workflow processes, integration technology with accounting and payroll systems, and all with a professional user interface are just some of the reasons why H2R Consulting chose Timexchange.

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