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Timexchange was designed to replace the costly and error-prone paper or email-based systems commonly used by recruitment agencies today. Using Timexchange's technology to address the bottlenecks, inefficiencies and high costs will allow the modern agency to be more competitive and focussed on their core business.

World icon Web timesheets

Feature Benefit Timexchange Faxed/Paper Emailed
Computer calculated 100% accurate every time   - -
100% Online – no paper Better for the planet   - Tick
If not printed out
Rich client experience Demonstrates agency professionalism/innovation   - -
Real-time secure feedback Take advantage of opportunities and resolve issues as they happen   - -
SSL Secured Timesheets and business data is secured end to end   - -
Signed online Approved within a secure system   - -

Fax icon Fax timesheets

Feature Benefit Timexchange Faxed/Paper Emailed
Automatically converted to usable data No data entry for your agency   - -
24 x 7 Receive timesheets anytime – even when your office is closed   Tick
If fax machine is ready
Faxed timesheets viewable on demand Clients and Candidates can see signed timesheets when required   - -
Toll-free Access Candidates can submit from anywhere in New Zealand   Tick
If 0800 or 0508 funded
Email is free
Stored electronically Better for the planet   - Tick
Unlimited online storage No need to store timesheets for 7 years   - -

Report icon Reporting

Feature Benefit Timexchange Faxed/Paper Emailed
Real time access Be up to date with timesheet information no older than just 30 minutes   - -
Candidate reporting Free your agency staff from providing candidate histories   - -
Client reports Your clients can find out what they need without asking your agency staff   - -
Unlimited access Lookup old timesheets and old assignments in one place   - -
Timesheet history kept Automatically keep accurate history on timesheet processing – a full timesheet audit history   - -

Gear icon Integration

Feature Benefit Timexchange Faxed/Paper Emailed
Timexchange memory Never re-key clients or candidate details, Timexchange does this for you   - -
Hourly or daily rate Flexibility for all types of candidate assignments   - -
Export to major accounting applications No more data entry to accounting systems – see client invoices in your accounting system in just 10 minutes   - -
Export to major payroll applications Process payroll in mainstream payroll applications in minutes   - -
Branded sign-in A reassuring place to start for your clients and candidates   - -

Bell icon Notifications

Feature Benefit Timexchange Faxed/Paper Emailed
Email automation Timexchange can email candidates for late timesheets so you don’t have too   - Tick
With automated systems
To Do list Keep it simple by having your clients and candidates follow the easy To Do's   - -
Broadcast messages Make it easy to remind your web based candidates of deadlines   - Tick
Limited to emails
Approved timesheet messages Candidates who know timesheets have been approved will be reminded they will be paid or to raise an invoice   - -

Invoice icon Candidate invoicing

Feature Benefit Timexchange Faxed/Paper Emailed
Automatically generated invoices Get contractor invoices on time and always 100% right   - -
Professional Indemnity Insurance deductions Ensure your contractor invoices have this calculated, and calculated correctly   - -

Mail icon Feedback

Feature Benefit Timexchange Faxed/Paper Emailed
Regular client and candidate feedback Deal with challenges and opportunities as they arrive   - -

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