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Candidates send timesheets to a nationwide 0800 number. They are scanned, converted and ready for use.
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Within minutes, faxed timesheets will appear as an electronic timesheet, attached to the correct candidate and for the correct assignment ready for viewing, reporting and billing.

Graphic showing paper timesheet to electronic timesheet conversion.

24 hours per day, 7 days a week

Our fax line service never sleeps. At any time, candidates can send timesheets which will be received, scanned, converted and made ready for use within Timexchange.

Toll free 0800 number

Avoid all unnecessary cost concerns from your clients and keep things simple – all faxed timesheets can be sent to a single 0800 number for processing. Timexchange also maintains a local number to which faxed timesheets can be sent.

Over 100 faxes at once

That's right, more than one hundred at once. As you can imagine, we don't have a single or even a bank of fax machines receiving timesheets. Instead we use smart communication technologies across the country that enables us to receive over 100 timesheets all at the same time.


Faxed timesheets are automatically converted to digital form. We don't work with paper. Do your bit for the planet by having only a single paper instance of a timesheet, not to mention the savings made in paper and fax printing costs.

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No more

Timesheets are the basis or source documents for financial records. Save money and remove the burden of being responsible for storing years and years of timesheets.

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(Digital) paper

The original faxed timesheet is attached to the electronic timesheet so you can see exactly what the candidate submitted and the client approved.

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When a faxed timesheet shows a problem, such as unclear writing or missing data, it is flagged for you to look at through the web interface.

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Pay only for
what you use

No costly and inflexible plan based pricing or monthly minimums, just pay for what you receive.
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