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Gather regular feedback from both the clients and the candidates.
Screenshot of comment and note fields

Timexchange offers several easy ways for candidates and clients to offer regular feedback. Be aware of problems before they grow large and be informed of new opportunities straight away.

Regular feedback from your candidate

With web timesheets, Timexchange encourages your candidates to provide feedback and comments by offering a comments field on every timesheet.

Regular feedback from your client

As for your candidate, with web timesheets, your client is offered a comments box when approving timesheets. In fact, a comment is mandatory when rejecting a timesheet.

Right to your inbox

Feedback from clients and candidates is too important to have to remember to check. Therefore, Timexchange will send any feedback intended for the agency in an email as well. You can then react and manage the situation promptly and to everyone's satisfaction.

Fine-grained notes

In addition to comments for the whole timesheet, Timexchange's web timesheets offer a notes field for each day the timesheet applies to. This allows candidates to provide detailed information against each day giving you and their approver detailed insight into their activities.

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