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Receive accurate contractor invoices on time and created from approved timesheets.
Screenshot of invoice

Receiving and reconciling candidate invoices can be problematic. They can be inaccurate, don’t reflect the signed timesheets, or simply late - but still they demand payment. Timexchange can automatically generate invoices on their behalf – accurate, timely and perfect every time!

Flexible generation

Your candidates can choose whether to have their invoices automatically generated by the system just before your invoice due date. This gives them the peace of mind that they will be paid on time. Alternatively, they can control the process by creating their invoices themselves in Timexchange. Or, if they already have external systems for invoicing they can switch off the invoicing in Timexchange altogether. Timexchange gives your candidates the flexibility to handle invoices in their own way.

Candidate's company

The flexibility doesn't end there. Many candidates will have their own company. If they do, Timexchange will show your candidate's company name on top of their invoices. If they are registered for GST, Timexchange supports calculating GST on their invoices.

Candidate's accountant

Do some of your candidates use their own accountants or accounting systems? Timexchange can automatically email these invoices to the candidate's accountant.

Professional indemnity insurance

Candidate invoices created using Timexchange automatically deduct the correct professional indemnity insurance. You say how much per hour and we take care of the rest. Save time and money trying to teach your candidates how to do this right.

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