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Receive automatic reminders of deadlines and notifications of important events
Screenshot of reminder email

Receive automatic reminders of timesheet and invoice deadlines, notifications of timesheet approvals and other events, and a list of tasks requiring attention. These are configurable and available to agency users, clients and candidates.

Automatically chase timesheets

Candidates with email addresses are automatically reminded of timesheet deadlines by email. They are also alerted to timesheets that are overdue with a message on their current timesheet, helping them ensure no timesheets are forgotten.

Likewise, clients are automatically reminded to deal with electronic timesheets waiting for approval. Agencies no longer have to bear the high cost and labour of chasing overdue timesheets.

Candidates kept informed

Candidates are notified by email when their timesheets are approved. This enables them to prepare timely invoices based on accurate information.

Screenshot of To Do screen

'To Do' List

Those candidates and clients that sign in are also given a 'to do' list reminding them of their timesheet and if necessary, their invoice obligations.

For the agency user this 'to do' list provides a wealth of reminders from timesheets and invoices overdue to assignments nearing their end date.

Communicate with ease

Agencies can use Timexchange to broadcast messages to clients and contractors who use the website. Cut the high communication costs of dealing with late or inaccurate timesheets.

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