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Generate up-to-date and comprehensive reports available to agencies, candidates and clients.
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Have real time access to web timesheets and full visibility of paper timesheets from your desktop. No longer must agency management wait for a report on term assignment margins. They can have them when they want them - anytime and anywhere.

Clients benefit too

Tired of being asked to provide reports for your services? They can now simply sign in and get their own reports as and when they need them. If there are faxed-in timesheets, they can even view these as well.

Not just clients

Contractors and temps typically generate a number of questions around the end of the tax year. Rather than keep records they find it easier to simply ask you, the agency, for information. With Timexchange, they can sign in, generate their own reports in minutes and help themselves. This removes one more expensive task from your agency's overhead.

The full story

No longer are there current and historic timesheets. All timesheets are treated equal. Want to look up a particular timesheet, for a particular assignment, at the particular company? No problem. No more trawling through boxes looking for pieces of paper. View the original faxed timesheet or electronic timesheet history when you need it.

See more than ever

It is rare for submitted timesheets to be rejected by the client. Given that, do you want to know how many hours and how much money is tied up in these unapproved timesheets? This information is available to agencies that use the internet timesheet system.

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