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Receive timesheets electronically over the web. Entered, approved, and stored online.
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Our timesheets offer easy data entry, and minimise typing mistakes that often happen with paper based timesheets. They calculate hours for the day and week accurately so there are no misunderstandings between you, your candidates and your clients.

Screenshots of timesheets

Flexible formats

We have several common timesheet formats and you can also specify your own custom format. The format can be matched to the particular requirements of the assignment.

Competitive edge

No longer will you be 'out-sold' by large international recruitment companies who have invested greatly in providing a web timesheet system. They use this to gain the edge in the marketplace. Level the playing field with Timexchange.

Tracked expenses

If required for the assignment, Timexchange can handle timesheets that have expense claims. These are on-charged to the client during agency invoicing.

Screenshots of approvals

Approve with ease

Your clients can approve web timesheets from anywhere! All they need is an internet connection. They can even approve multiple timesheets for different assignments all at the same time.

2nd or 3rd approvers

Are your approvers away on occasions? Not a problem with Timexchange. Agencies can add secondary approvers to have access to candidate timesheets.

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No more

Web timesheets don't need paper at all! Now all recruitment agencies can do their bit for the planet.

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Safe and

Timexchange uses secure encryption technologies to keep agency data secure.
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Your candidates can add notes to their timesheets for every day or for the whole of the timesheet.

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time entry

Time entry is easy with many ways to enter times, such as '2pm', '14:00' or just '2'.

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Keep track of changes to timesheets from creation through editing and to approval.

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